There are several options for managing your monitoring during routine maintenance – scheduled monitoring with Monitoring Schedule, one-time monitoring pause set with the Postpone option, and disabling alerts with the Alert Silence option.

The Alert Silence option disables alerting only till it resumed manually, while the use of the scheduled monitoring option or one-time pause stops monitoring altogether for the specified period and resumes automatically when the period is over.

At the same time, the scheduled monitoring option supports the setup of recurring pauses in monitoring in accordance with a schedule. The Postpone option supports the setup of a one-time pause.

Immediate Postpone

To pause monitoring of a device immediately for a specific period or select a period in the future, select the Postpone action from the device Actions menu on the Device Manager page. You can set the pause for a provided or custom period or set it to Until Enabled manually.

Monitoring Schedule

In order to keep your uptime statistics “clean” you can disable monitoring during a period of maintenance. The Schedules option is used to postpone monitoring for a set period of time (ex. Jan. 23, 1 pm to Jan 24, 2 pm) as well as reoccurring periods of time (ex. starting Jan. 23, 2010 every Saturday from 9 pm to 11 pm). Monitoring can be postponed for specific days of the week as well as specific hours and minutes during the day. To set up a Schedule click on the Schedulers tab > Add New Schedule > and fill out the inputs requested. A new Schedule will appear as a selectable option under Device List tab>”Device” Edit>Monitoring Scheduler field drop-down menu.

Scheduler_day_of_week (1)


Alert Silence

If “clean” statistics are not a concern but want to stop alerting during routine maintenance, the use of Alert Silence is the other option. You can silence alerts for a device for up to a 24-hour period.

To enable Alert Silence, on the Device Manager page, select the action from the device Actions menu. Then select a time period for alert disabling.