There are several options for managing your monitoring during routine maintenance: scheduled monitoring with Monitoring Schedule, one-time monitoring pause set with the Postpone option, and disabling alerts with the Alert Silence option.

The Alert Silence option does not affect the monitoring process but disables alerting. The use of the Monitoring Schedule option or the Postpone option stops monitoring altogether for the specified period and resumes automatically when the period is over or monitoring is enabled manually.

Let’s explore when and which options to use for monitoring management during routine maintenance.

One-Time Maintenance

If you need to conduct a one-time website maintenance and you are willing to pause monitoring during a maintenance window, the Postpone option is the best choice for you. The Postpone option is available from the device Actions menu on the Device Manager page. From the menu, you can choose to pause the monitoring of the device immediately for a pre-set or custom period of time. You can also set it to Until Enabled manually or select a date and time to postpone in the future.

Scheduled Recurring Maintenance

If you have recurring maintenance done at regular intervals within a set timeframe, we suggest setting up a Monitoring Schedule for the device. It will help you keep your uptime statistics “clean” during the period of maintenance. For example, you back up your website every Saturday within the 9 pm to 11 pm window.

Monitoring Schedule is used to postpone monitoring for a set period of time (e.g. Jan. 7, 1 pm to Jan 8, 2 pm) as well as reoccurring periods of time (e.g. starting Jan. 7, 2023, every Saturday from 9 pm to 11 pm). Monitoring can be postponed for specific days of the week and for specific hours and minutes during the day. To set up a schedule, from the left-side menu, select Manage > Schedules > New Schedule and fill out the inputs requested. Please see the Configuring a Schedule article for more details.

A new schedule will appear as a selectable option in the Monitoring Schedule section under the Monitoring tab on the device settings page.

Scheduler_day_of_week (1)


Alert Silence

If “clean” statistics are not a concern but you want to stop alerting during routine maintenance, the use of Alert Silence is another option. You can silence alerts for a device for up to a 24-hour period.

To enable Alert Silence, on the Device Manager page, select the action from the device Actions menu . Then select a time period for alert disabling.