Network URL Analyzer allows you to monitor URLs of every element on monitored web pages. If necessary, you can filter web requests to monitor only URLs that meet a specific search pattern.

For example, let’s say we need to monitor logging into a web application. For this specific example, we’ll use the Dotcom-Monitor application. Within the developer’s console, under the Network tab, we can inspect the application behavior and view the GET call with the URL string containing a user ID.  To make sure the application returns a UID relevant to the provided user credentials, we can set up a Network URL Analyzer with the user ID as a search pattern.

To enable Network URL Analyzer:

  1. Right-click the line (step), after which the analyzer should start checks.
  2. Select Validate > Network URL > Start.
  3. To change the URL Analyzer criteria, left-click the StartNetworkURLAnalyzer method label in the script body and customize the parameters on the editing pane, located to the left of the script code area. We recommend specifying a unique Name that will be presented in the device report.

If you want to apply the URL Analyzers to a specific part of the test script, stop the Bode Analyzer at the end of the related code chunk by selecting Validate > Network Body > Stop.

Watcher Type

Alerts are generated every time the number of URLs satisfying the analysis criteria is beyond the set range (see Min. Value and Max. Value counters).

URL Filter

The field contains a mask for URLs to analyze. The URL mask can be any string found in the URL utilizing “*” as a wildcard at the beginning or end of the string and “?” as a single-letter wildcard. All URLs are monitored by default (“*”).

Search Pattern

The field contains a mask for the URL. You can specify the mask using a wildcard or regex (regular expression) pattern.

Mask Type

Two types of Search Pattern parsing are available:

  • Wildcard
  • Regex

Analyzing Type

There is Match or NoMatch analysis available.

By default, the Match type is used. If URL content matches the search pattern, the URL will be counted as satisfying the analysis criteria.

Min. Value and Max. Value counters

The minimum and maximum number of URLs satisfy the analysis criteria. The alert will be generated if the number of URLs matching the analysis criteria is less than Min. Value and more than Max. Value.