avgThe Average Response Time value for a Device represents the sum of average response times of all Tasks within this Device for a given period.

Average values are calculated based on response time values. The average response time values are displayed in the “Duration (msec)” column of an online report:


The calculation engine sums up all the Task response times for a given period. The calculation engine then divides that result by the number of responses which gives “Average Response Time for a Task”. Because a Device is a container for multiple Tasks the calculation engine then sums up all the “Average Response Time for a Task” values and divides that number by the number of Tasks, which give an “Average response time for a Device” for a given period.

Device average response time reflects the sum of Tasks’ average response times.


Let’s say you create device online report for a period of time, where device contains 4 tasks under it.

Average response time for 1st task: 1.095
Average response time for 2nd task: 0.5229
Average response time for 3d task: 0.3311
Average response time for 4th task: 0.0933
Average response time for a device will be a sum: 2,0423