Web Application Monitoring

Constant Improvement of Web-Based Business

Web application monitor ensures the uptime, speed, and functionality of your web applications. Monitor any web technology including HTML5, AJAX, Flash, Java, Flex, Silverlight, and more. The EveryStep scripting tool automates and simplifies monitoring of business-critical web applications and transactions in an easy to use point-and-click interface.

Monitor Complex Multi-Step Transactions

Synthetically monitor performance and functionality of pages, web applications and transactions from within a real browser with dotcom-monitor web application monitoring.

Resolve Web Application Errors Quickly

Reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) with detailed application performance diagnostics. Dotcom-Monitor offers a variety of tools to quickly determine if the root cause is network-based or server-based.

Web Application Performance and Functionality Reporting

Application Trend Analysis

Cut through the noise to identify common performance patterns. Trend analysis compares historical web application monitoring data and helps predict future performance outcomes. Trend reporting provides key performance metrics around availability, load time and response time.

Live Dashboards - Real Time Reporting

See live performance status of multiple web applications in a single, integrated interface. Real-time reports display high-level information, such as an average performance aggregation, and can be zoomed in to display detailed drill-down views of your web application performance.

Schedule Reports - HTML, CSV, PDF

Schedule daily, weekly and monthly email reports. Receive summaries and detailed reports in HTML, CSV and PDF formats. Web application performance reports provide data at the page and element level, enabling you to zero in on the exact data you need.

Completely Customizable Alerts

  • Alert Groups

    Send alerts to multiple groups of contacts when an application error condition is met. Notify team members no matter where they are, with each alert recipient receiving dynamic alerts on multiple devices (phone, SMS, pager, etc).

  • Conditional Filters

    Reduce unwanted or unnecessary alerts by applying filters to the responses generated by a web application monitoring script. Filter responses by time, location, and error codes to ensure you only receive alerts for relevant error conditions.

  • Escalation Chains

    Define escalation protocols based on time thresholds and specific users to alerts at each stage of escalation. Automatically alert additional resources the longer a web application is down.

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