Criteria HTTP Testing with Real Browser
User simulation No client-side rendering Real user simulation
Script implementation and customization Difficult when web sites are complex Simple scripts, easy to customize using EveryStep recorder
Script replay Low-level analysis required You see what you get using EveryStep
Script maintainability Programming skills required Easy, as almost all done by EveryStep Recorder
Multi Browser Support Can emulate web browser using Agent-string Chrome and Edge
Footprint on the load injection machine Low, up to 500-1000 sessions per load injector High, up to 8-25 sessions per load injector
Recommended for DevOps Depends on the actual test scenario Yes, easy to use and realistic figures
Recommended for Load Tests • Webservers
• Web APIs: JSON, SOAP, Rest, XML.
• Single web pages without JS or CSS
• Web Applications
• Complex pages containing Java Scripts and CSS
Pro’s and Con‘s Pro‘s
Low Cost
Exact HTTP/S targetCon‘s
No scripting
No JS or CSS
Real User Simulation
Get what you see in the browser exactly
Support for JS, CSS, RIACon’s
High Cost
Lot‘s of data
Costs Low High