In general, a schedule is a set of time periods either included or excluded in monitoring services.

A Schedule can be set up and applied to the number of items, including:

Applying a schedule to reports to exclude specified time periods from calculations, so that time period is not included in reports.

Applying a schedule to a device to pause monitoring during specified periods, so certain time periods are not included in monitoring, nor monitoring results.

For example, applying a schedule to a device can be set-up to exclude a time period – ex. every Sunday from 9 PM to 11 PM – during which regular server maintenance is performed.  The Schedule is then assigned to the monitored server Device as well as the Device’s service level agreement (SLA) and Regular Reports.

Applying a schedule to a group. The schedule assigns time periods of alerting to groups. This creates time periods of on-call coverage for specific groups of persons or disables alerts during specific time periods. Dotcom-Monitor allows for multiple schedules within the same account. Once a schedule has been created, it can be assigned to a group.

As an example, three schedulers could be created as follows:

Schedule 1 – 08:00 –15:59, Monday – Friday
Schedule 2 – 16:00 –23:59, Monday – Friday
Schedule 3 – 00:00 –07:59, Monday – Friday, all-day Saturday and Sunday

In the following example, there are three groups in the account with the following alert types:

Group A – E-mail, Phone
Group B – E-mail, SMS, Phone
Group C – Wireless e-mail, SMS, Phone, SNMP trap
Using these examples, Schedule 1 could be assigned to the Group A, so the individuals whose e-mail and phone addresses are specified in this Group will receive e-mail and phone alerts Monday through Friday from 08:00 –15:59 only. 
If no schedule is assigned to a group, it is assumed that the group is eligible for notifications 24/7.

A Schedule can be set-up as a one-time exclusion of time, or an ongoing exclusion of time.
Schedule intervals are tied directly to a timezone you’ve selected in account settings (Account >> Billing Contact >> Time Zone)