You can specify device monitoring settings on the Monitoring tab while creating or editing a device within the device interface.


In the Frequency field, select a frequency with which the device will repeat the monitoring tasks. For more details, see the Frequency article.

Monitoring Agents (Locations)

In this section, you can select one or more locations from which the device will monitor your tasks. For more details, see the Monitoring agents article.

Clicking on a continental region will select or deselect all locations within that group. To view all locations of the region, expand the corresponding group by clicking the content disclosure arrow next to the group name.

Locations marked with an * asterisk to the right are Premium Locations. Selecting Premium Locations will increase the price of the device by a small amount due to the costs of the servers and bandwidth within that location.  If you do not see a desired premium location in the list, please contact your support representative to enable premium locations on your account.

If you have created private agents, you can select them in the Private Agents group.

Monitoring Schedule

Select an existing schedule to apply to this device.

Only one schedule can be assign to a monitoring device.

Advanced Configuration

If you are configuring a ServerView or WebView device, the Allow Simultaneous Cheks option is available:

  • To ensure that only one location is monitoring a device at a given time, select No under the option.
  • To allow simultaneous monitoring from several locations, leave the Yes value selected.

For more information on the simultaneous cheks algorithm, see Monitoring Algorithm.

In the Owner Device filed, specify an existing device upon which the current one is dependent. For details, see Owner Device.