By default, the system runs the load test until the end of the test duration. The number of test sessions executed in the test depends on the device, test duration, and the number of virtual users. We calculate and specify the estimated number of test sessions that can be executed during a test run in the test summary on the Test Scenario page. See how we calculate the Estimated Sessions value here.

Test Session Example

For example, let us assume it takes one minute to execute one test session (a single-user device run), and the test duration is set to 10 minutes. In this case, the test is going to run for the full 10 minutes. If the test starts and holds two virtual users for a full 10 minutes, each user is going to complete 10 sessions, one minute each. Therefore, 20 test sessions will be executed during a 10-minute test run.

Note that sometimes an actual session duration may increase under the load (e.g., a target server’s performance has dropped). For example, while a single-user device run is one minute, under the load it may take two minutes to execute the same device. Then the actual number of test sessions that the system is able to execute during the 10-minute test will fall to 10.

In certain cases, you may limit the number of load test sessions that are executed during a load test run.  To specify the session limit, enable the Limit Sessions option on the test scenario page and provide the limit value. For example, if you need to run a test with 10,000 sessions, enable the limit and enter 10,000 in the Limit field. Once the specified session limit is reached, the system will stop the test.

Limit Is Reached Before Test Ends

If the session limit is reached before the end of the test duration time, the test will be stopped regardless of the number of completed sessions. For example, if the test duration time is set to 40 minutes, and 10,000 sessions are completed at the 20th minute of the test run, the test will be stopped at the 20th minute.

Due to the way the system generates user load, if the session limit was reached before the end of the test duration time, the full test price will be written off from your wallet.

End of Test Is Reached but the Sessions Limit Is Not

If the test duration time is over, but the number of sessions you specified in the Limit field is not reached, the system stops the test.

Session Limit in Parametrised Tests

Note that when a load test uses context parameters and the Unique per Session mode is selected, the Limit Sessions option will be automatically activated. In this case, the limit value will be read-only and set to the number of the value rows in the uploaded CSV file or to the Value Rows Range if specified. If you need to change the limit in the Unique per Session mode, adjust the Value Rows Range or the number of value rows in your data CSV file.