After I set the Transaction goal, LoadVew automatically suggests the starting and the maximum number of users necessary to reach the goal as well as the test duration. It is highly recommended to start the test with these values.

Adjustment Rate

The rate is used to adjust the test execution scenario. The minimum recommended value is set to 3. It is an optimal value to ensure the appropriate level of accuracy without losses in test performance. If necessary to improve the accuracy of measurements you can increase the rate value manually. Please note, increasing the Adjustment Rate value will affect the test’s duration and price.

Load Test Duration (in minutes)

The default value is set to the minimum available value of 10 minutes and depends on the Adjustment Rate:

Load Test Duration = (Adjustment Rate + 1) x 3

The minimum recommended value is 12 minutes.

Start with User Load

The recommended value is based on the Session Duration calculated during validation:

Starting user load = Transaction Goal per min Session Duration

Maximum Simultaneous Virtual Users

The value is calculated based on the Start with user load value:

Max. Simultaneous Virtual Users = Starting User Load 3