MetricsView Custom Collectors allows you to gather and aggregate data from any metrics you are able to gather (CPU Load, Memory availability, DB transactions, Network activity, and much more).

The RESTful API interface allows you to push any counter values to Dotcom-Monitor using the HTTPS POST method at intervals you chose. For details on MetricsView API methods, see API: MetricsView.

How MetricsView Custom Collectors Work

The MetricsView API interface receives messages formed in JSON over HTTPS protocol. JSON is used as the data format throughout the API, both for input and output.

“Custom Collector” is the top logical element of the API – It is the central statistic gathering point. Messages containing any statistical value (statistical data should be presented in floating-point numerals) are received by the “Custom Collector” and then “distributed” to underlying tasks. Each task represents a single counter.