MediaQuality.cs – checks video quality. When video quality is less than set in the argument line, an error alert will be generated.

MediaCheckStreamsEx.cs – checks the video duration and the total duration of silence periods, calculates the percentage of silence duration in the video. When silence duration time, silence percentage, or other monitor parameters in a stream is higher than specified values, an error will be generated.

The specified duration is monitored, and after analysis, all silence segments are summed up. The sum of the duration of these segments is compared with the script settings.

Custom Script File Arguments
MediaQuality.cs -ref=”System.Xml.dll” “<media link>” <list of video parameters>
MediaCheckStreamsEx.cs -ref=”System.Xml.dll” “<media link>” <list of parameters>

MediaQuality.cs available video parameters:

  • <media link> -address to monitor
  • <quality> – floating point value (float) can be used
  • <monitoring duration> – in sec, maximum value is 120 sec

MediaCheckStreamsEx.cs available parameters:

  • <media link> -address to monitor
  • <monitoring duration> – in sec, maximum value is 120 sec
  • <decibels for silence detect> – if set to 0, then default value (-50) will be used
  • <silence duration> – in sec
  • <silence threshold> – acceptable percentage of silence at a monitored stream
  • <video stream> – the number of video streams
  • <audio stream> – the number of audio streams

Arguments Examples

MediaQuality.cs -ref="System.Xml.dll" "http://localhost/file.flv" 95 30

MediaCheckStreamsEx.cs -ref="System.Xml.dll" "rtmp://localhost/play/tv" 30 -40 1 10 1 1