Comment Log – is a simple tool to add explanatory text notes to monitoring responses, based on a specified range of time. There are many types of comments that can be created based on the circumstances. As an example, you could create a comment that explains that a specific server error is because of testing of a server and is not an actual error. When added, comments will be displayed in Online Reports and XML Feed.

To review Comment Log, on the left sidebar, go to Manage > Comment Log. This will bring up a list of all previous comments, if any.

Dotcom-Monitor allows comments to be filtered based on:

  • Start date and time.
  • End date and time.
  • Device.
  • Public, private or all comments.

Using the filters, Dotcom-Monitor generates a list of all comments fitting the criteria. Comments can be modified, edited or deleted at any time.

Setting up Comment Options

To set up the tool, click Add Comment.

On the comment screen, the following options must be specified:

  • Title. Comment title to display. Enter a meaningful title to distinguish the comment from others.
  • Description. Provide an explanation for a monitoring response.
  • Start Date and End Date. The start and the end time of time period during which all monitoring responses will be commented and the comment will be added to a device comment log.
  • Is Private. Depending on your goals, the comments in the comment log can be private or public. Unlike Private comments which are reflected as notes only in online reports, Public comments are also reflected in the XML Feed. Select the option checkbox to add the comment to the online report only.

Please check the XML Feed article to learn how to activate comments in your XML Feed.

Selecting devices to comment

To add comments to monitoring responses of a device, in the Add/Remove Devices to current Comment select the corresponding checkbox. Check the Device name box to select all devices under a platform.

How to find your comments in Online Report

Once set up, a comment log can be accessed from a device Online Report under the Log tab.

Make sure the Report Period corresponds to the time interval set up in the comment options.

To open the comment, on the Log tab, click the comment icon in a response line.

How to add comments to XML Feed

Public comments will be added to previously configured XML Feed.

If a comment was marked as Private it won’t be reflected in the XML Feed.