Standard pricing is based on a few factors: the total number of monitored tasks in all the monitored scenarios within an account and the frequency of monitoring (ex. 1-minute, 3,5,10, 15-minute).

For example, an account uses three separate UserView Monitoring scenarios including a log-in with four tasks, a shopping cart with eight tasks, and an application with six tasks, a total number of 18 tasks at a 5-minute frequency. The pricing model includes packages with volume discounts and in this case a “Premium” package with up to 20 tasks at a 5-minute frequency most cost-effective.

In UserView a step is a single action performed on a page such as checking for the existence of a specific element. There are some advanced features that will also trigger a new step such as an RIA Picture Assertion, finding and mousing over an image, starting a script timer, and starting a network element timer.

Additional costs may be incurred when non-standard monitoring agents are used or when the Rich Internet Application (RIA) option of UserView Monitoring is required or chosen for monitoring.

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See the approximate Pricing Matrix for UserView Monitoring (please see your account executive with questions).