The escalation feature enables selective alert based on the duration of an error. For example, once an error has been detected and is cleared through any filters that may have been created, a specific group can be immediately notified. If the error condition persists for a specified duration, an alert could be sent to a secondary group to escalate the issue. A third group could also be notified if the error condition still exists after a specified amount of time.


A “technical support” department has three people who have to stay informed about the company’s mail server status. If an error occurs this group of three must first receive an email alert, and then SMS alert if the error persists for over 60-minutes.

To create this type of Group Alerting and escalation process, two Groups need to be created.

First, the “Tech. Support – Email” Group, composed of the technical support team member emails, and second “Tech. Support – SMS” Group composed of their phone numbers. The both Groups needs to be assigned to the device (on the Alerts tab on the device edit screen), and then a 60-minutes delay for the “Tech. Support – SMS” Group alert must be set.