Dotcom-Monitor supports SSO login using SAML 2.0.

Here are the steps required to enable SSO with Active Directory FS (ADFS) and AZURE Active Directory (Azure AD) as the Identity Providers.

  • SSO with Active Directory FS

  • SSO with AZURE Active Directory

Configuring SSO for Departments

If you have a Department created for the Dotcom-Monitor account, you can configure SSO users logging in to it.

To enable SSO for Departments, add the department name as a suffix to the name of the group or role reserved for Dotcom-Monitor purposes in AD. Use a double hyphen as a separator: 

 <Group Name>–<Department Name> 

For example, to allow a user to log in to the “AlphaDep” department as a Power User you need to add the following suffix to the Dotcom-Monitor_Power_Users AD Group:


 To change an ADFS Group name, right-click the group and select Rename. Once renamed, change the pre-Windows 2000 name as well in the pop-up box or from Properties > General > Group Name (pre Windows 2000).

To enable SSO for several Departments simultaneously, add the department names one by one using the same format. For example:


To allow users logging in to the root account, specify a relevant AD Group without a department suffix as was described above:


 If a user is included in several «Dotcom-Monitor_» AD Groups with configured SSO for Departments, logging in to all corresponding Departments will be enabled (if the Departments exist in the Dotcom-Monitor account).