The Subscriptions tab is available (AccountAccount SettingsSubscriptions or Account > Upgrade Subscriptons) for a master account and provides access to the subscription manager. From within the tab, you can manage the active subscription plan or upgrade an expired one. To choose the best plan to go with or to check your current subscription info, click Manage next to the corresponding solution.

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If you subscribe to an annual billing plan, you can save up to 22% on your subscription charge (depending on the solution).

Monitoring Subscription

The Monitoring Subscription manager provides access to information on available and included packages and their features. Packages are organized by monitoring platforms. From within the Monitoring Subscription manager you can change a package at any time including the billing plan (monthly or yearly), the number of steps/targets included, the monitoring frequency and additional features (depending on the package). See also Monitoring Billing FAQ and Monitoring Subscription.

Note that your subscription must fall into a specific package.

Load Testing Subscription

LoadView provides two types of subscription, On-Demand, and Subscription-based, depending on the type of pricing plan you want to stick with. You can switch between monthly and annual billing plans from within the subscription manager and select the package that satisfies your business needs. For more details, please check the How to Select the Right Package for Load Testing, Load Test Pricing and LoadView Billing FAQ articles.

Dotcom-Tools Subscription

If you want to switch from the active plan, you can do it from the subscription manager. Simply select the billing cycle and the plan you want. If you are subscribed to the Free plan and you want to upgrade to one of our paid subscription-based plans, select a plan and enter your credit card and billing details, and you are done.

Scroll the subscription page for the Dotcom-Tools FAQ.