Online Report for a certain device can be found under Reports > Online Reporting or by selecting Report from a device actions menu.

On the report’s page, you will be prompted to make the following selections to define the report parameters:

  • Report Period. The dates which the data displayed on the report will begin and end.
  • Monitoring Locations. Locations which data is necessary to include to the report. Monitoring data received from all locations will be shown by default.
  • Filter. Defines whether a filter will be applied to the result set.
  • Schedule. Defines whether to apply a schedule to the result set.

Note that the report will display the time zone associated with your account under the account settings menu.

Click Update Report to apply the parameters and show related report data.

To show report data for another device, click Select Device at the bottom of the report page, and select another device.

See also: Using Online Reports.