To group encrypted variables, the Crypt containers are used in Secure Vault. In general, Crypt is a name-value collection of variables with common attributes, such as a web resource. 

It is recommended to use different Crypts with unique and descriptive names to store variables associated with different web resources or organizational departments.

Once a Crypt has been created, new Crypt Variables can be added to the Crypt list. For details on Crypt configuring see the Secure Vault article.

Editing a Crypt

Renaming a crypt name affects the execution of the EveryStep script which uses the Crypt Variables. If it’s necessary to edit a Crypt name, update the parameters in the script with the variables from the renamed Crypt. 

Deleting a Crypt

If you delete a Crypt, all variables from this Crypt will be deleted from your Dotcom-Monitor account. The scripts which use deleted variables will work with errors.