Web Services Monitoring

Stay on top of downtime and track end-to-end availability of your servers and websites. Monitor web services such as SOAP, GET/POST, TCP, and ICMP protocols for uptime, performance, and functionality.
Web Services Monitoring Dashboard
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Comprehensive Uptime Monitoring

Everything you need to monitor uptime, performance, and functionality of your web APIs and web servers.

Web API Monitoring​

Call specified web functions and check for response content, performance, and uptime of SOAP, REST, JSON, and XML web services.

Check the performance of all API requests and set alert thresholds for minimum and maximum response times.

Configure a multi-task monitoring device to monitor OAuth-based Web APIs for availability and performance.

Quickly and easily manage your domains with SSL certificate monitoring.

Check server and website availability, uptime, and response time. Supports GET/POST parameters, and content checks.

Discover and repair issues instantly. Our monitoring agents will alert you instantly the moment connectivity issues arise.

SSL Certificate Monitoring
Web Services WebSocket-Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring: Track WebSocket messages for seamless, real-time communication between browsers and servers.

Performance Checks: Monitor availability, speed, and content integrity of your WebSocket-based applications and endpoints.

Instant Alerts: Get immediate notifications for errors or service interruptions to take quick corrective action.

Key Features

Key Web Service Monitoring Features

Everything you need to take your web services monitoring to the next level!

Robust Monitoring API

Dotcom-Monitor’s web services API allows you to build your own data feed that’s extremely customizable beyond our web interface. Get the data you need, and organize it your way!

Flexible Integration Framework

Monitor changes affecting web services with our pre-configured dashboards and real-time alerting. We make integrating with your favorite platforms like AWS and Azure quick and easy.

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Global Monitoring Network

Ensure global availability, speed, and performance from over 30 monitoring locations on a variety of major networks around the world. Quickly identify where performance issues originate. Take quick action to correct errors and ensure an optimal end user experience.

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Customizable Web Services Dashboards

Create custom dashboards tailored to web services monitoring tasks with just a few clicks. We offer a variety of layouts to help you digest your uptime and downtime information with a glance.

Quick Setup & Fast Data

Start monitoring within minutes. Deploy Dotcom-Monitor agents quickly and get immediate insights on the performance of your web services.

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SaaS-Based--Zero Maintenance

Dotcom-Monitor is SaaS based and there’s nothing to maintain. You don’t need to purchase support or maintain monitoring infrastructure or pay any administrative overhead. Just start monitoring and collecting data immediately.

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Trusted by Businesses Around the World

Our customers rely on Dotcom-Monitor to ensure an exceptional experience for their users, helping to retain a high level of trust and loyalty. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring that Dotcom-Monitor exceeds your expectations.

Expert Web Services Monitoring. Enterprise Power for Businesses of All Sizes.

Leverage our robust monitoring API and global network to keep your web services running at peak efficiency. With real-time alerts and customizable dashboards, make informed decisions faster than ever.
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Web Services Monitoring—Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions about web services monitoring. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.
Web services monitoring is the practice of tracking the uptime, performance, and functionality of web services that use protocols like SOAP, GET/POST, TCP, and ICMP. The goal is to identify issues as quickly as possible and ensure that your web services are running smoothly and efficiently. Dotcom-Monitor’s web services monitoring solution offers comprehensive solutions for tracking and optimizing your web services.
Our Web API Monitoring allows you to call specified web functions and check for their response content, performance, and uptime. You can set alert thresholds for minimum and maximum response times and configure multi-task monitoring devices for OAuth-based Web APIs. This helps you maintain optimal performance and availability for SOAP, REST, JSON, and XML web services.
Dotcom-Monitor offers robust features to take your web services monitoring to the next level. These include a customizable monitoring API, flexible integration with platforms like AWS and Azure, a global monitoring network, and customizable web services dashboards. You can get started quickly and there’s zero maintenance involved as it is a SaaS-based solution.
SSL Certificate Monitoring is a feature that helps you manage your domains by checking server and website availability, uptime, and response time. It ensures that your SSL certificates are valid, thereby maintaining the security of data exchanges between your web server and your users. If issues arise, our monitoring agents will alert you instantly, allowing you to take corrective action.
WebSocket Monitoring allows you to check the availability, performance, content, and errors of your WebSocket-based applications and endpoints. WebSocket is a communication protocol that facilitates real-time message exchanges between browsers and web servers. With our WebSocket Monitoring, you can identify service interruptions and take immediate action.
Setting up your web services monitoring with Dotcom-Monitor is designed to be quick and straightforward. You can deploy monitoring agents and begin gathering insights into the performance of your web services within minutes. This allows you to immediately identify and correct any performance issues, ensuring an optimal end-user experience right from the start.
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