An owner device is a “parent, or owner” of another monitored device that is dependent on the owner device. For example, when monitoring both an Internet router and a website, a router often is the “parent, or owner” of the website. So, if the Internet router goes down the website will also go down. Therefore, to prevent receiving multiple and redundant monitoring alerts from a dependent device (the website) because an owner device (the Internet router) goes down the user should choose Internet Router as an owner device to the website when setting up the website’s monitoring.

To set-up an Owner Device for a dependent device:

  1. First set-up the Owner Device’s monitoring.
  2. Set-up the dependent device.
  3. Click Device “Edit” for the dependent device.
  4. Under the Monitoring tab,  find the Owner Device drop-down and select the specific Owner Device.
  5. Selecting the Owner Device within the “Owner Device” drop-down for the dependent device will make the Owner Device the “parent, or owner” of the dependent device.