Upon setting up a load test, you can select the time you’d like to start the test. The start time can be selected within a 24-hour window.

To run a load test at a specific time:

  1. Configure the test scenario.
  2. Continue with the legal agreement.
  3. Select to start the test with the Start Test Later option.
  4. Specify the start time of the test in the Start Date and Time field.
  5. Click Start Test Later.

Note that you can cancel a scheduled test at any time before the execution begins. To do this follow the recommendations given in How to Cancel Scheduled Tests Execution.

If you have one test scheduled to start at a specific time, you can set up other load tests to be started in a sequence one after another (consider the test durations upon scheduling the tests) or at the same time. See how to run load tests concurrently in Concurrent Load Test Execution.