The EveryStep Web Recorder in Dotcom-Monitor supports sending user-defined cookies, along with the test requests, to a target URL or domain.

To specify custom information that you want to pass along in the cookies, download and install a desktop version of EveryStep Scripting Tool from your Dotcom-Monitor (EveryStep Recorder > Windows Desktop Application) or LoadView (Tools > Windows Desktop Application) account.

First, start the EveryStep Scripting Tool and follow the recommendations below:

  1. Record a new script or load a previously created device from the Dotcom-Monitor platform or local machine (the Load Device button on the left-hand sidebar).
  2. Enable the Allow to edit script manually feature in the Advanced Settings menu.
  3. To specify user-defined cookies, add the following method to the script and set its parameters:
SetCookieForUrl("<URL>", "<Name>", "<Value>");

See the full definition of the SetCookieForUrl method.

If the SetCookieForUrl method is used, the cookie with the provided name-value pair will be added to each request that is sent to the URL while executing the EveryStep script.

For example, you can add user-defined cookies to distinguish from test script requests generated by Dotcom-Monitor versus requests generated by real users.