Report History contains a list of scheduled reports that have been configured within the account.


You can narrow down the list of reports by selecting various options in the report filter.  You can also hide the filter options by pressing the Hide Filter button.

Report Generation Date

Generation date is the date that the specific report file was created. This is not the date the report was first created.  There is an entry for every instance of a report that is generated.

Report Template

A report template is the base template that was used to create a report. Templates will remain the same although the date generated and recipients may differ from one report to the next.


Frequency defines how often the report is generated and sent. You can filter the report list by frequency of the reports.

Device Name

Device name allows you to filter the list of reports based upon what devices are included in each report.

Subscription / Report Name

Each report or subscription that is created is assigned a name.  This name could be unique for a one-off report, or it may be shared by many instances of the same report generated on a regular frequency.

Device(s) Reported

The Devices column displays either the single device name that is included in the report or Multiple Devices which means more than one device is included in the report.

The Actions menu

The Actions menu button  appears upon hovering on the far-right column of the Report list and displays several options.


Details slide in a card of detailed information included in the report. The detailed information includes:

  • Devices in the report.
  • Groups assigned to receive the report.
  • Monitoring Agents (Locations) included in the report.
  • Filters applied to the data in the report.
  • Schedules applied to the report.
  • Resend History displays whether a report has been resent after it was initially created and sent.
  • Re-send button allows you to re-send the report to a specified email address or list of addresses.

To quick access Details, use a related icon next to the action menu icon. 


Downloads the report to your local machine.


Sends the report to the specified email address or list of addresses.


Generates a unique URL that you can copy and paste to others in an email or document. You can also click on Share at a later time and choose to Disable and Delete the shared link so that the page is no longer available.