EveryStep Scripting Tool Privacy Mode supports the protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in the video recordings that were captured during EveryStep script execution.

The Privacy Mode provides access to the Mask Region and Video Capture options that implement protection of potentially sensitive information that might be present in the recorded video.

For best practices and to learn how to apply the Privacy Mode while recording the script in the EveryStep Recorder, please visit the Securing PII: EveryStep Video Recording Management to Protect PII article of our Knowledge Base.

Once you recorded the script, you can access the Privacy Mode options from the script editor context menu.

The Video Capture option represents the VideoCapture method and provides support for the video capture mode. The option can be used at any step of the script. To pause or resume video recording while executing the script in a browser window, select the corresponding Video Capture parameter.

The Mask Region option represents the Exclude method and allows you to mask a region on the video captured while the script execution on video playback. You can select to mask a specific HTML element, a region linked to screen coordinates or to an RIA picture.

If you want to mask a region linked to an RIA picture, please record an RIA image validation step in advance. For more details, see Using RIA image capture.