Besides essential web app performance metrics (e.g., average response time), Dotcom-Monitor allows users to track, aggregate and analyze custom metric data. The following custom metrics can be collected by the system during EveryStep script execution:

  • Load time of specified network elements within the script, measured by Network Watcher.
  • Execution time of the selected parts in the scripts, measured by Script Time Watcher.

When collected as custom web performance metrics, Network and Script Time Watcher checks are reported as separate metrics. Subsequently, the results of these metrics are extracted from individual test session reports and aggregated on performance charts.

  • When to Collect Network Watcher Statistics

  • When to Collect Script Time Watcher Statistics

How to Set Up Custom Metrics

Monitoring Solution: Task Consumption 

When the Custom Metric option is enabled, the custom metric check is counted as an additional step in the monitoring script and impacts overall UserView task consumption. Depending on your subscription package, upgrading to the next tier may be required to use the Custom Metric option in your monitoring scripts.

To set up custom metrics, please visit the following articles on this wiki:

How to Review Custom Metric Statistics

Depending on Dotcom-Monitor solution, please visit the corresponding article of this wiki to learn how to review Custom Metrics statistics: