The Realtime Feed tool can be found under Reports > Realtime Feed.

The Realtime Feed is an interactive dashboard that displays a real-time log of monitoring sessions that are executed in your account. Session data is provided for the most recent 100 monitoring sessions and is continually updated in real-time. The sessions are displayed in the order they have been executed and include all monitoring locations. Within the Realtime Feed, you can find various monitoring session information, such as the name of a corresponding device, the related monitoring location, the status of the device, error details (if detected), and response time duration, etc.

Unlike Online Reports, you no longer need to run a report each time you want to review the most recent session data for a specific monitoring device. Simply open the Realtime Feed once and return to it whenever you need to. The data will always be up-to-date, providing a way to track monitoring results, in real-time, for all of the monitoring devices within your Dotcom-Monitor account.

Next, we will cover the main benefits of the Realtime Feed, which help to greatly simplify reporting on monitoring sessions in your Dotcom-Monitor account.

  • Optimization of data delivery.
  • Real-time data analysis.
  • Key session parameters, such as a monitoring state or any error condition can be observed on one page.

Selecting the Devices to Display

You can specify the set of devices which sessions you want to monitor in real-time mode. To do this, select the devices in the Devices filter on the top of the feed.

Playing a Monitoring Session Video

In cases where either the UserView or BrowserView monitoring solutions are used, you can view a recorded video of the session execution by clicking the video icon in the corresponding feed row.

Viewing  a Waterfall Chart 

You can open a Waterfall Chart, which provides element-by-element visualizations of the monitoring request execution from within the Realtime Feed. To do this, click the chart icon at the end of the corresponding feed row.