Once a load test is finished, there are two ways to review its report summary, response details, and test scenario configuration:

  • Pull the report from the Test Scenarios list .
  • Open the report from the Reports list.

Pulling Reports from the Test Scenarios List

To pull a report for a previously executed load test:

  1. Navigate to the Test Scenarios manager page.
  2. Locate the desired test scenario in the list.
  3. Hover over the test scenario record, then select Reports from the Actions menu or click on the Reports icon in the quick access menu.

Pull Report from Test Scenarios Page

On the Reports page, you will be provided with the list of test reports available for the test scenario.

Reports List

You can also find your test reports under the Reports menu on the left sidebar.

Tagging Load Test Reports

We recommend tagging reports related to the same test category. To tag a report, click Tag As in the report Actions menu or quick actions menu. Learn how to manage tags from the Using Tags guide of this Knowledge Base.