This article will help you to choose the right type of load to apply to your website.

LoadView provides three types of test load to choose from:

The choice depends on what you want to accomplish while testing.

Goal-Based Curve

If you already have a predetermined throughput (transaction goal) or the number of visitors you expect on your website during a fixed time interval and you want to make sure the site meets the requirements – Goal-Based Curve is the right type of load to choose. This type is useful in validating SLA or non-functional requirements.

Load Step Curve

If the operational number of users, which the website supports successfully, is familiar, and the subject is to learn how the gradually increasing load affects your website, Load Step Curve is recommended. The test type allows comparing response times under the operational load and under the expected traffic load. It’s useful to check if your website can handle a sudden spike in traffic in order to be prepared for extreme traffic peaks. So, in the case of marketing promotions, you can test how your website will handle the added number of visitors that arrived during the event.

Dynamic Adjustable Curve

To change the user traffic manually during the test runtime, select Dynamic Adjustable Curve. You can use this type to find out the site performance limits or to plan its servers capacity. For example, you can change the load and adjust your hardware or software resources in parallel with load changing. Here, you can scale your infrastructure to be ready to handle the target workload.

Pricing Particularities

When the test is configured the test cost is calculated and provided in the Summary located on the right sidebar. Our charging policy is based on the test curve type:

  • Goal-Based and Dynamic Adjustable Curves. At the beginning of the test, you are charged for the predetermined maximum number of virtual users. Once the test has finished, the actual test cost is calculated based on the exact number of virtual users. If the claimed maximum number of users is not reached while testing, the difference between the actual and the predetermined costs is returned to your wallet.
  • Load Step Curve. The cost of the test is static and doesn’t change if the maximum number of users is not reached due to some reasons.