Dotcom-Monitor provides a couple of different ways to set up Web API monitoring.

The set up options for Web API monitoring depend on the type of API you are testing. In this article we will cover hands-on strategies in SOAP and REST API monitoring. In general, the choice of monitoring strategy is based on whether you have your API test set up using the Postman Platform or if it needs to be configured from scratch.

If you previously had API testing done or set up with Postman, it is recommended to import the Postman collection into Dotcom-Monitor monitoring device.

Follow the guidelines below to create a monitoring device with Postman Collection.

  1. Log in to Dotcom-Monitor and from the Device Manager page, click New Device, and select Postman Collection Task.
  2. Upload a Postman collection to the monitoring device.
  3. Set up the Postman Collection Task settings and save the device.

If you did not previously use Postman, you can either configure monitoring for Web APIs directly in Dotcom-Monitor using REST Web API Task or SOAP WEB API Task.  Separately, you can create a collection of API calls in Postman and use it to set up a monitoring device in our service as described above.

As a rule of thumb, simpler API calls could be set up directly in Dotcom-Monitor, whereas the calls that require complex sequence of steps, such as the use of token-based authentication, parameter parsing and passing may be easier to set up in Postman.