By default, Dotcom-Monitor considers web requests which return status codes from the Error Codes list as requests with errors. If you need to ignore responses with specific error types and codes while monitoring, configure the Ignore Error Codes option in the device settings:

  • In the Ignore Error Codes section, click Add Error.
  • Select the error type and provide the status code to ignore. Use a dash to provide a code range, or semicolons to provide several error codes.

If the system detects a response with the specified error type and code, the response will be considered as successful and its status will be changed to OK. Note that if an error matches the Ignore Error Codes filter, the error will not be reflected in monitoring reports and can’t be tracked down.

To turn off alerts on errors with specific type and code, configure an error filter instead, as described in the Configuring Filters  article of our Knowledge Base.