We will not charge you for stopping scheduled tests if the execution process has not been started (the Scheduled status). However, if LIs have been started (the Starting Load Injectors status) the test price (or resources) will be charged and will not be refunded.

Cancel Single Scheduled Test

To cancel scheduled test execution before the test begins, open the test Report and click Abort Test.

Cancel Scheduled Group Test Run

If you have a group of tests created and scheduled to start at the same time, you can cancel the execution before it begins from within the Report page of any test included into the group:

  1. Select a test scenario included into the group with a scheduled start, and on the quick access menu select Reports.
  2. On the Report page, click Abort Test.
  3. You can select a single test task from the group, or the group of tasks to cancel. If you want to cancel the group of tasks, select to abort All the tasks in the group.

All tests from the group will be canceled automatically.