While creating a Web Application Task for the Load Test one can provide some variable data that will be used in the tasks of the device. For example, this allows us to simulate different users logging in, visitors searching for different products, or dynamic URL testing by specifying dynamic variables.

As an illustration, consider testing of login page where multiple users have to log in under different usernames. First, the script for a single user logging in needs to be created, and then Context Parameters for user login and password input in the script must be set up. To set up and manage Context Parameters in EveryStep Scripting Tool, see the Adding Context Parameters to a Script article.

When the script is saved and the device is configured the list of Dynamic Variables (the set of logins and passwords for dynamic users simulation) must be specified in the test scenario. See Uploading Dynamic Variables to the Test Scenario for more details. View the whole process in action in the Using Dynamic Variables video.