There are fundamental differences between the HTTP(S) Task and tasks from BrowserView/UserView Platforms, which can result in differences in the time values measured as well as the “response time” results.

These time value measurements are grounded in the different purposes and uses of each monitoring type.

The HTTP(S) Task is primarily used to measure the basic HTTP response time (see a blue bar in the figure below).

BrowserView and UserView Platform’s tasks take the time value measurement three steps farther by additionally including the time it takes to download all dependent files within the HTML, such as Java Scripts, CSS’s, Images, Flash, ActiveX Objects, etc. and the time of Script Processing, HTML DOM model building, Page Rendering and so on.

As you can see, the different processes behind each type of monitoring platform and option have an effect on both the duration of the monitoring, as well as the average time value measured, or “response time” results.