When you reach your maximum limit of tasks in your current package, you have 3 options:

  1. Pay for the next level package to get a group of additional tasks.
  2. Pay for each task individually ala cart (may be much more expensive than a package).
  3. Delete an existing task that you no longer need to make room for a new task.

NOTE that deleting a task removes it permanently from the system.  This removes all history for this task.

If you simply postpone a task, it still counts as a paid task because we retain the history data.

If you want to get reports on the history of a device/task, and then delete the device to make room for another, you can do that but you will not be able to access that device in the system later via these options:

  1. Download individual spot checks by running the online report and clicking the graph to open a performance report. From there you can share or save the individual report.
  2. Create daily, weekly and monthly reports, but they are limited to the previous day, week or month only.
  3. Run an SLA report from the device manager click actions next to the device and select SLA (attached are daily, weekly and monthly SLA reports for the postponed device).
  4. Send a request to the XML feed to get the raw data in an XML format using a URL to specify the data range (you could save the resulting file into a CSV format like the attached CSV document).
  5. Submit a support ticket requesting a custom report with the details of the data you want. Custom reports may require an additional cost.