Upon configuring a Dotcom-Monitor/LoadView Web API Integration (Configure > Integrations > New Integration), you must enable access to data beyond your Dotcom-Monitor account via the Web API. By default, you will be prompted to whitelist trusted IP addresses from which your users can send requests to the Dotcom-Monitor API Service.

Dotcom-Monitor supports IP4 and IP6 addresses.

You can specify a single address or a list of IP addresses, IP address range, or a subnet mask. All requests to Dotcom-Monitor Web API from the whitelisted IPs will be allowed and processed by Dotcom-Monitor API Service.

To grant access to the Dotcom-Monitor Web API to any user with a correct Web API Unique Identifier created for your Dotcom-Monitor account, switch to the Any IP mode. In this case, authenticated requests to the Dotcom-Monitor API will be allowed from any IP address.