Dotcom-Monitor allows users to add a layer of security to their login process by enabling multi-factor authentication. When enabled, multi-factor authentication requires a Dotcom-Monitor account user to pass another check by entering a one-time password (OTP), in addition to their login and password, to access their account. OTP or a one-time password is a numeric string sent via a selected type of communication to the user requesting access to the application. We support two types of multi-factor authentication:

  • OTP to a verified email.
  • SMS with OTP to a verified mobile phone.

To enable multi-factor authentication for your Dotcom-Monitor account, go to the Account Settings > Security.

If you lost access to your email, or your phone was lost or stolen, it is highly recommended to reset your password and use the Log out everywhere option provided on the Security page of your Dotcom-Monitor account settings. In this case, you will be logged out from your Dotcom-Monitor account on all devices and required to log in again using a new password.

How It Works

If multi-factor authentication has been enabled, you will be prompted to select a preferable way to receive your OTP every time you login into your Dotcom-Monitor account.

When you opt for receiving an OTP via email, make sure you have access to the verified email account. Once you submit your username and password upon login, we will send an OTP to your email address that was previously associated with your Dotcom-Monitor account. Receiving an OTP via email is the most common type of two-factor authentication. This option is good when you don’t have access to your phone at the moment.

If you choose to receive an OTP via SMS, your mobile phone will be used as an authentication factor. You will be asked to enter an OTP sent to your phone via SMS. In this case, make sure to have your phone in hand upon login.

Important to Know

Note that once multi-factor authentication is enabled, to disable this extra authentication step, first you need to log in to your account.

Once sent, the OTP is valid only for one login session and expires in 15 minutes. After this time, you will be required to repeat the login process.

If you opt to receive an OTP via SMS, only two SMS attempts are allowed within 15 minutes.

If the phone number that is used to send OTP is invalid (e.g., the phone number was changed or a wrong phone number was provided in your account contact details), please contact your account administrator to update your contact information.