The EveryStep Web Recorder

The ultimate web-based automation scripting tool for continually testing critical end user interactions.

A Script Recorder for Any Application or Website

No coding skills required. With point and click browser scripting, you never have to touch a line of code.

Record Scenarios

Record scenarios and set parameters for applications that you need to monitor.

world wide web

Choose Your Browser

Simulate real user actions using popular desktop and mobile browsers.

mobile devices

Choose Your Device

Select from mobile devices like iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Google, and more.


Save Your Script

Upload your new script to the Dotcom-Monitor cloud or save to your desktop.

Eliminate Expensive Revisions

Create scripts that simulate end user paths and transactions and reuse them for web application monitoring or load testing.

Start Recording

Insert the URL of your website or web application and begin recording user interactions, or reuse an existing script.  While you click through your application, the EveryStep Web Recorder captures all interactions in a single script.

The EveryStep Web Recorder supports rich web application technologies such as AJAX, Flash, Flex, HTML5, Java, and many more.

everystep web recorder new script
everystep web recorder playback

Script Playback

Once you have finished recording your script, the recording is then replayed within the EveryStep Recorder.

The script needs to be played back at least once before saving it to a device or load test.  This helps confirm that the script works and is free from errors.

Editing a Script

Add additional steps to the end of the script or modify lines within the script using advanced editing tools to customize your script to better emulate the user experience.

Features available to you, include network filters, script delays, network throttling, and much more. 

The EveryStep Web Recorder also supports Secure Vault, allowing you to encrypt script elements and store sensitive data in a Crypt container.

everystep web recorder keyword validation
everystep web recorder alerts

Configure Script

The EveryStep script is uploaded into your Dotcom-Monitor account where you can configure final details, including monitoring agent locations, monitoring frequency, load testing scenarios, alerts, reporting options, and more.

Automate your Monitoring

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