EveryStep Script Recorder

The ultimate automation scripting tool for constant
testing of end user interactions.

Simply Navigate and Upload

EveryStep makes it easy to record scenarios
& setup parameters for applications that you need to monitor.
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Measure Availability & Performance of Websites or Web Applications.

  • Automate your testing using our global monitoring locations
  • Track the performance of 3rd party content
  • Analyze waterfall performance charts
  • Performance analysis through historical data reporting
  • Validate existence and proper functionality of web applications
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Supports Every Browser Based Application & Runs in Internet Explorer

  • Supported technologies include Flex, Flash, AJAX, Java, HTML5 and many more
  • Monitor from around the world or run on your local machine
  • Test multiple steps in a transaction
  • Create scripts for any application which runs in Internet Explorer

Capture & Replay Complex User Interactions

Record tests of critical paths across your website including button clicks, menu selections, hover states, form submissions, text input and much more.

Once your script is complete, simply upload to the Dotcom-Monitor cloud and begin monitoring or load testing your website or web application within minutes!

Use One Script for Monitoring & Load Testing

The EveryStep scripts are used to set-up monitoring and load testing within Dotcom-Monitor and can also be used on a local machine to automate quality assurance (QA) testing of web applications.

A Script Recorder
for Any Application or Website
No Coding Skills Required.
With Point & Click Browser Scripting
You Never Touch a Line of Code.

    Record scenarios and set parameters for applications that you need to monitor.


    Choose to simulate real user actions using major browsers such as IE, Firefox and Chrome.


    Select between desktop or mobile devices such as iPhone, Samsung, Nokia and Blackberry.


    Upload your new script to the Dotcom-Monitor Cloud or save to your desktop.

Eliminate Expensive Re-Work

Create user interaction scripts
once & use those for application monitoring
or load testing.

Launch EveryStep Web Recorder


Insert URL of Your Website or Web Application

Record the user interaction or reuse an existing load testing script. While you click through your application Everystep captures all interactions to a single script.

Add Content Checks or Insert Custom Timers

Wizards allow you to add content checks during script recording to verify accuracy or insert custom timers to measure response times of important interactions.

Replay the script

Upload application and website scripts to UserView and load testing scripts to LoadView.


Configure monitoring schedule, reporting options, alerting or load test scenario.


Schedule the script to play back in a continuous loop using the EveryStep script player. Set frequency as often as one minute & receive alerts when errors are detected.

Try EveryStep & Automate Your Monitoring Today