Dotcom-Monitor Network Location IP Addresses

Many Dotcom-Monitor customers filter out monitoring traffic from analytics reports, or set special network rules for Dotcom-Monitor remote agents. The following list of Network Location IP Addresses is updated regularly so that customer filters and rules may be accurately maintained.

LoadView customers:  Please visit our Knowledge Base article to view the list of dedicated proxy servers for load testing.


Monitoring Location XML String IPv4 Address IPv6
North America:
N. Virginia (Virginia, USA) N. Virginia NA
Dallas (Texas, USA) Dallas 2607:ff68:105::3
Denver (Colorado, USA) Denver 2607:fc88:100:2b::2
Miami (Florida, USA) Miami 2604:bc80:8001:1064::2
Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA) Minneapolis 2001:4870:200e:100::2
Montreal (Canada) Montreal NA
New York (New York, USA) New York 2604:eb80:1:6::10
San Francisco (California, USA) San Francisco 2001:470:1:1ab::2
Seattle (Washington, USA) Seattle NA
Washington DC (Virginia, USA) Washington DC 2605:4a00:121:f003::2
South America:
Buenos Aires (Argentina) Buenos Aires NA
Amsterdam (Netherlands) Amsterdam 2A00:1188:5:3::1
Copenhagen (Denmark) Copenhagen 2001:ac8:37:2::1
Frankfurt (Germany) Frankfurt 2a01:4f8:c0:2cd9::2
London (United Kingdom) London 2a02:2658:1060::3
Madrid (Spain) Madrid 2001:ac8:23:16::2
Paris (France) Paris NA
Warsaw (Poland) Warsaw NA
Johannesburg (South Africa) Johannesburg NA
Beijing (China) Beijing NA
Chengdu (China) Chengdu NA
Guangzhou (China) Guangzhou NA
Qingdao (China) Qingdao NA
Shenzhen (China) Shenzhen NA
Hong Kong (China) Hong Kong NA
Mumbai (India) Mumbai NA
Shanghai (China) Shanghai NA
Tokyo (Japan) Tokyo NA
Brisbane Brisbane 2405:1000:10:334::2
Sydney Sydney 2401:fc00:0:115::2
Middle East:
Tel-Aviv (Israel) Tel-Aviv NA
IPv6 San Franciso (California, USA) IPv6 San Franciso NA 2001:470:1:1ab::4


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