Dotcom-Monitor Network Location IP Addresses

Many Dotcom-Monitor customers filter out monitoring traffic from analytics reports, or set special network rules for Dotcom-Monitor remote agents. The following list of Network Location IP Addresses is updated regularly so that customer filters and rules may be accurately maintained.

LoadView customers:  Please visit our Knowledge Base article to view the list of dedicated proxy servers for load testing.

Monitoring Location XML String IPv4 Address IPv6
North America:
Dallas (Texas, USA) Dallas 2607:ff68:105::3
Denver (Colorado, USA) Denver 2607:fc88:100:2b::2
Miami (Florida, USA) Miami 2604:bc80:8001:1064::2
Chicago (Illinois, USA) Chicago 2602:fea7:d00::25
Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA) Minneapolis 2001:4870:200e:100::2
Montreal (Canada) Montreal NA
New York (New York, USA) New York 2604:eb80:1:6::10
San Francisco (California, USA) San Francisco 2001:470:1:1ab::2
Seattle (Washington, USA) Seattle 2607:f5b2:1:a00b:5::2
Washington DC (Virginia, USA) Washington DC 2605:4a00:121:f003::2
South America:
Bogota (Colombia) Bogota 2803:c40:8000:6::2
Buenos Aires (Argentina) Buenos Aires NA
Amsterdam (Netherlands) Amsterdam 2A00:1188:5:3::1
Copenhagen (Denmark) Copenhagen
Frankfurt (Germany) Frankfurt 2a01:4f8:c0:2cd9::2
London (United Kingdom) London 2a02:2658:1060::3
Madrid (Spain) Madrid 2001:ac8:23:16::2
Strasbourg (France) Strasbourg 2a01:7a7:2:35ef::2
Warsaw (Poland) Warsaw NA
Johannesburg (South Africa) Johannesburg 2c0f:fce8:0:403::2
Beijing (China) Beijing 2408:400a:60:1b00:18c2:5c3f:a2c9:ffac
Chengdu (China) Chengdu 2408:4006:1205:6f00:7e4a:380f:f7e3:35cb
Guangzhou (China) Guangzhou 2408:400d:1001:b800:41c1:4a62:b92e:d030
Qingdao (China) Qingdao NA
Shenzhen (China) Shenzhen 2408:4003:10c4:2900:5f8c:67b7:b7fb:cb2e
Hong Kong (China) Hong Kong NA
Mumbai (India) Mumbai NA
Shanghai (China) Shanghai 2408:4002:10a5:7c00:b567:dee4:50d7:f44d
Tokyo (Japan) Tokyo NA
Singapore (Singapore) Singapore NA
Brisbane Brisbane 2405:1000:10:334::2
Sydney Sydney 2401:fc00:0:115::2
Middle East:
Tel-Aviv (Israel) Tel-Aviv NA
IPv6 San Franciso (California, USA) IPv6 San Franciso NA 2001:470:1:1ab::4


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