Dotcom-Tools offers free and subscription-based packages that allow you to instantly check the speed and availability of websites, servers, APIs, and other web resources. Las pruebas de rendimiento web se pueden ejecutar desde 25 ubicaciones geográficas utilizando navegadores móviles y de escritorio (iOS, Android, Firefox, Chrome y Microsoft Edge) y protocolos de soporte como HTTP/S, POP3, FTP, SMTP, SSL, TCP, ICMP, DNS y Ping.

When To Use Dotcom-Tools

Dotcom-Tools offers the following types of tests:

  • Prueba de velocidad del sitio web
  • Prueba del servidor web
  • Prueba de Traceroute
  • Prueba DNS
  • Prueba FTP
  • Prueba del servidor de correo electrónico
  • Prueba de medios de transmisión
  • Prueba de lista negra de DNS por correo electrónico
  • Prueba de ping

Dotcom-Tools provides you with a set of network tools to check whether your website is online without having to contact your hosting provider or a system administrator. Además, en el caso de problemas de conectividad, puede usar Dotcom-Tools para comprobar si el problema está relacionado con la red y tiene experiencia por parte de usuarios de todo el mundo, o si es específico solo para su ubicación. This allows your and your teams to react quickly to troubleshoot errors if your website suddenly stops working.

Dotcom-Tools provides efficient solutions to check the functionality, availability, and performance of Internet services from around the world once a day. For website speed tests, a Lighthouse report with SEO parameters is provided by Dotcom-Tools for each test.

En situaciones en las que necesita configurar la supervisión con una frecuencia de más de una vez por AND recibir una notificación
de cualquier problema de rendimiento, considere la posibilidad de utilizar las soluciones de supervisión profesionales de Dotcom-Monitor.

Dotcom-Tools: Getting Started

Dotcom-Tools provides up to 250 checks for free. To get started, select the type of check, configure its parameters, and select the geographical locations to execute the checks from. La prueba se iniciará inmediatamente desde las ubicaciones geográficas seleccionadas y los resultados de la prueba se presentarán en el modo en línea.

To manage your test, go to the Action menu at the right top of the report page or use the quick access menu. You can re-run the test with the current parameters, delete the test results from the system, or add the test to your favorites.

Additionally, a test history with reports can be found on the corresponding test type control panel. From here, you can manage your tests and view the reports, as well as schedule the test execution and daily reports.

Cheques automatizados

If it is necessary to run monitoring checks automatically, you can create and schedule your test to be executed once every 24 hours. In this case, automated checks will be run and the reports will be sent to you daily.

To do this, turn on the Automated Daily option in the test actions menu, or use the corresponding option from the quick access menu (a Test Summary Report page or a control panel of the corresponding test type).

To run automated checks, you need to be subscribed to the Starter or Professional packages.


The reports contain web performance statistics depending on the type of test selected. For example, you can review error statistics, load times for an average and repeat visits, screenshots of a web page in a real browser window, Lighthouse reports, traceroute details, etc.

Waterfall charts are provided for website speed checks with an element-by-element visual representation of how your assets are loaded and rendered by a web browser.

Furthermore, you can share the reports, along with test results, with team members and stakeholders using a sharable link on the report page.

Historial de transacciones

Para encontrar el historial de transacciones de su cuenta de Dotcom-Tools, haga clic en el icono de créditos disponibles en la parte superior de la página principal. From here you can check the overall number of credits used and review transactions of your test history.

Dotcom-Tools Test Limits

Dotcom-Tools supports up to 250 checks per month for free. You can upgrade to one of our paid subscription packages at any time from your account menu to access additional features, such as running automated checks and increasing the number of checks per month.