Website Monitoring Comes to Calgary | New Site for Website Monitoring

Dotcom-Monitor has just chosen Calgary for its newest website monitoring location, bringing executive class monitoring to western Canada.

The Calgary monitoring station is a remotely controlled robot that visits a company’s website, performing functions such as surfing, testing forms and simulating shopping cart purchases. Website owners use the results of the robots visits to determine how their sites respond to human visitors in such areas as performance, accessibility and response times.

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Web Load Testing Tool Launched

Dotcom-Monitor has just added an external web site load stress testing tool to its suite of executive class website and network monitoring services.

Very few website monitoring companies offer load testing tools or services. Dotcom-Monitor’s service offers businesses the opportunity to customize each test based on their individual needs. Agents positioned around the globe simulate real users, performing whatever application is being stress tested, such as a shopping cart, form, forum, etc., or multiple applications at once.

Dotcom-Monitor’s web load testing service differs from most stress test tools because it is external. Most tools are internal, monitoring from very close to a company’s web server. External agents, such as Dotcom-Monitor’s on three continents, more closely simulate real user behavior.

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New WebSite Monitoring Location – Asia Hong Kong Web Site Monitoring

Dotcom-Monitor® has added Hong Kong as its newest web site monitoring location, bringing executive class monitoring to Asia.

“Companies need to know how their web sites respond to customer usage,” says Vadim Mazo, CEO of Dotcom-Monitor. “Adding the Hong Kong monitoring station means they will now be alerted if their web site is inaccessible or slow to Asian customers.”

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