Very few website monitoring companies offer load testing tools

Dotcom Monitor Web Load Testing Tool
Dotcom-Monitor Announces Web Load Testing Tool

August 12, 2004, Plymouth, Minnesota – Dotcom-Monitor has just added an external web site load stress testing tool to its suite of executive class website and network monitoring services.

Web site load testing helps companies answer critical questions as their business grows:

  • How well does our web site perform under different loads?
  • How many simultaneous users can our web site handle?
  • Where are the bottlenecks in our site?
  • Even if our web site can handle the load, can other network components, such as routers and firewall keep up with the load?

Very few website monitoring companies offer load testing tools or services. Dotcom-Monitor’s service offers businesses the opportunity to customize each test based on their individual needs. Agents positioned around the globe simulate real users, performing whatever application is being stress tested, such as a shopping cart, form, forum, etc., or multiple applications at once.

Dotcom-Monitor’s web load testing service differs from most stress test tools because it is external. Most tools are internal, monitoring from very close to a company’s web server. External agents, such as Dotcom-Monitor’s on three continents, more closely simulate real user behavior.

Web Load Testing Costs

Pricing for web load testing determined by total number of hits required to complete the stress test. For example, if a business has an application with five steps and wants to run 50 simultaneous users, each user going 100 times through application, the total number of hits would be: 5x50x100=25000. The price ranges from $0.90 to $10.00 per thousand hits, depending on the total number of hits required.

Dotcom-Monitor offers and online calculator to determine the final cost for the stress load test before a customer begins testing. The calculator is located on the LoadView Testing website.

More information about the web load stress testing tool can be found at

Dotcom-Monitor is the executive class website and network monitoring company, offering top performance services above and beyond the norm in the industry. Since 1998, its goal remains to protect the reputation and profitability of online business by bringing together monitoring, reporting, notification, escalation and analysis in the combination best suited to a company’s needs.

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