Private Agent Monitoring, Providing 24/7 Checks of Websites, Networks

Dotcom-Monitor Debuts ‘Private Agent’ Monitoring, Providing 24/7 Checks Of Internal Websites, Networks


New Service Helps Enterprises Pinpoint Problems, Ensure Peak Performance; Data Can be Collected for Any Internal, Server-Based Service or Application

PLYMOUTH, MN – 12/15/04 – Dotcom-Monitor, the leader and innovator in advanced website monitoring services, today announced an expansion of its pioneering website monitoring services to include Intranet applications, database servers, routers, and other server-based hardware/software located within a company’s firewall. The new ‘Private Agent’ service, now available from Dotcom-Monitor, gives enterprises a powerful new tool for ensuring the health of mission-critical services operating inside an organization’s network.

“The need for network performance doesn’t stop with public-facing assets,” said Vadim Mazo, founder and chief technical officer of Dotcom-Monitor. “Often, the need exists for the monitoring of website and network services that are not accessible from the outside. This is why Dotcom-Monitor has developed new private, remote agents that enterprises can deploy directly within their company’s network.”

Dotcom-Monitor’s ‘Private Agent’ service can monitor any server-oriented device or application such as Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections, email servers, web-enabled applications and more. Agents are managed through a single online interface from which enterprise administrators can monitor resources, receive notifications, and set reporting options. The Private Agent management control console is totally secure, ensuring that only authorized personnel will ever see the agent or its related information.


Dotcom-Monitor Website Monitoring Private AgentExhaustive Testing

Dotcom-Monitor’s new Private Agent service encompasses all the testing, monitoring and analytical tools offered via its existing external services. Depending on the features chosen and installed by the customer, Private Agent will perform stress tests; check internal website performance, accessibility, and content availability; fill out sample online forms to check reliability; and ensure HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, DNS, FTP, ICMP, SOAP protocols are working properly, among other tests.

To accomplish its analyses, Dotcom-Monitor maintains one of the broadest and most geographically diverse monitoring station networks available. Stations are currently located in Minnesota, New York, California, Florida, Colorado, Germany, London, Hong Kong, and Calgary, with more locations coming soon.

Having the ability to compare internal data with external can be of significant help in performing network diagnostics. “Let’s say there is a loss of performance within the network,” explained Mazo. “By comparing data both within and outside the system, service personnel can quickly establish whether it’s an external network connectivity problem, for example, or a problem directly related to your internal web application.

Dotcom-Monitor’s Private Agent service offers online access to multiple report and chart options, making it easy to analyze and compare data. Finally, a number of alert notification options are available within Private Agent when problems are detected; messages can be sent to a pager, email address, wireless email account, SMS (Short Message Service) device, cell phone, or landline phone.

For more information about Dotcom-Monitor’s new Private Agent service, including affordable pricing options, go to


About Dotcom-Monitor:

Dotcom-Monitor is the leader and innovator in advanced website monitoring services. Since its birth in 1998, Dotcom-Monitor has saved over 3,000 companies money by insuring maximum website uptime-at a cost up to 50% less than other services. Dotcom-Monitor watches businesses from the outside by simulating real-world, end-user actions. The company ensures that clients are open for business around the world, 24 hours a day. No additional or no hardware is required to use Dotcom-Monitor’s services. For more about Dotcom-Monitor, go to

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