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Reduce mean time to repair and improve efficiency with instant alerting.

custom alerts

Advanced Alert Configurations and Options

Our customizable alerting system helps you minimize downtime and maximize customer satisfaction by alerting you when errors occur.
alert types

Alert Delivery

Alerts are delivered by a number of means, including any combination of the following delivery mechanisms:

  • Phone Call
  • SMS Text Message
  • Email
  • Webhook
  • PagerDuty
  • Slack Channel
  • SNMP Trap
  • ServiceNow
  • Custom Script

Group Alerts

Create your own alert groups using various message formats, such as email, wireless email, phone number, or SMS devices. With the one-step interface, you can easily add groups to your monitored devices.

group alerts
alerts by time of day

Alerts by Time of Day

Choose the time of day and/or day of the week when a group or individual is notified of an issue. For example, automatically send alerts to the overnight on-call team member at 6 p.m. or the weekend staff starting at midnight on Saturday.

Uptime Alerts

Send an uptime alert message after Dotcom-Monitor detects that a problem is corrected. Monitor your website at any interval you choose, looking for issues related to availability, basic response time, and even text-based content verification.
uptime alerts
alert escalation

Alert Escalation

Set alert escalations based on the duration of the error condition. For example, notify a group immediately, a second group after 10 minutes of downtime, and a third group after 60 minutes of downtime. Alert escalation time intervals range from immediate to three hours and are available in 10-minute increments.

Multiple Location Alerts

Initiate the alert process only after a problem is detected by more than one website monitoring agent. This helps prevent receiving alerts related to common, intermittent Internet network problems.
error type filter
custom script alerts

Custom Script Alerts

If you need specialized alert options, such as creating problem tickets in your help desk system or specially formatted emails, utilize our customizable alert scripts. Configure individuals or groups to receive these alerts.

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