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CDN Edge Servers
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Pre-Cache CDN Edge Servers with Synthetic Monitoring

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a collection of distributed nodes, called edge servers, connected to the same origin servers and placed local to the users’ location. If you are using a CDN, your website content is delivered to the user from the nearest edge server to their location.  Without

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Web App Functionality

Monitoring Applications that use Okta for User Authentication

As the leading provider of identity and access management and authentication for enterprises, Okta gives employees, partners, suppliers, and customers secure access to the tools they need to do their most important work. With deep integrations to over 6,000 applications, the Okta Identity Cloud enables simple and secure access from

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Website Performance News

Why a CDN Doesn’t Solve All Your Performance Needs

A Content Delivery Network, or CDN, is a collection of proxy servers that are connected to the same origin server, and are geographically distributed relative to end users. Instead of utilizing a single server to respond to user requests, CDN edge servers are able to deliver content more effectively and

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performance report
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Optimizing Web Performance: Understanding Waterfall Charts

Waterfall charts are diagrams which represent how website resources are being downloaded, parsed by the engine, in a timeline that gives us the opportunity to see the sequence and dependencies between resources.  It assists in identifying where important events happened during the loading process. They can also let the user

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