New Global Website Monitoring Location Added – Boulder, Colorado, USA

Colorado Website Monitoring Station

Website Monitoring comes to Boulder, Colorado
Website Monitoring comes to Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado, becomes the fifth Dotcom-Monitor Website Monitoring station in the USA

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October 18, 2004, Boulder, Colorado – Dotcom-Monitor has just added Boulder, Colorado as its newest website monitoring station, its fifth location in the USA.

“This is a superb location, allowing us to monitor sections of the Internet backbone that are not as well monitored elsewhere,” says Vadim Mazo, CEO of Dotcom-Monitor. “The Boulder, Colorado agent is positioned to cover AT&T and Qwest backbones, thus adding monitoring to two more major US backbones.”

The Boulder monitoring station is a remotely controlled robot that visits a company’s website, performing functions such as surfing, testing forms, simulating shopping cart purchases, and checking security certificates. Businesses use the results of the robots visits to determine how their sites respond to human visitors in such areas as performance, accessibility and response times.

It is estimated that $20 to $40 billion is lost each year from users who abandon slow loading websites, and the smart owner wants to avoid that problem before it happens. Remote website monitoring helps businesses respond quickly to emergencies (such as pages loading sluggishly or script failures), and to make long-term plans to accommodate growing traffic.

Global website monitoring to service every customer

Global marketers understand that websites respond differently in different parts of the world on different networks. “A website that is performing well in Florida might be having problems on other networks,” Mr. Mazo says. “Monitoring your website from Boulder provides data from parts of the US backbone that cannot be covered as well from the east or west coat.”

Calgary is the fifth U.S. monitoring station in Dotcom-Monitor’s global network. The other four stations are in:

  • Minneapolis, USA
  • New York, USA
  • San Francisco, USA
  • Orlando, USA

Dotcom-Monitor also has monitoring stations in:

  • London, UK
  • Hong Kong, China
  • Calgary, Canada
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