Extend Your Monitoring Reach with Private Agents

Monitor web applications, websites, and network services from behind the firewall.

private agents

Monitor Web Services and Applications
Not Connected to the Internet

Monitor from behind your firewall with private web and network monitoring agents.

Better Internal Diagnostics and Network Monitoring

Compare site performance data from our external agents positioned around the globe with data from an internal agent located within your organization.
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Private and Secure

Your Dotcom-Monitor account provides you exclusive access to your monitoring agents. Security designed so that only you will see your private agent.

Troubleshoot Web Server Bottlenecks and Performance Issues

Compare performance statistics to see if an external network connectivity problem or a problem directly related to your internal web application is causing performance loss.
private agent performance
monitoring private agents

Monitor Everything from a Single Interface

Manage your devices, alerts, and reporting options for internal and external monitoring agents in a single, user-friendly online interface. 

Increase Your Monitoring Range

Private Agents aren’t intended to replace the public monitoring that already exists, they simply extend your monitoring reach internally.
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Start Monitoring from Behind the Firewall with Private Agents.

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