Website Monitoring Comes to Calgary | New Site for Website Monitoring

Website Monitoring comes to Calgary Alberta Canada

WESTERN CANADA EDITION – Website Monitoring Comes to Calgary

Alberta new site for Dotcom-Monitor Website Monitoring

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September 6, 2004, Calgary, Alberta – Dotcom-Monitor has just chosen Calgary for its newest website monitoring location, bringing executive class monitoring to western Canada.

“A website must respond to customer needs quickly and reliably. Monitoring ensures that the site functions to the customer’s satisfaction,” says Vadim Mazo, CEO of Dotcom-Monitor. “The Calgary monitoring station will help businesses better assess how their websites respond to customers on Canadian Internet networks.”

The Calgary monitoring station is a remotely controlled robot that visits a company’s website, performing functions such as surfing, testing forms and simulating shopping cart purchases. Website owners use the results of the robots visits to determine how their sites respond to human visitors in such areas as performance, accessibility and response times.

Why not Toronto?

The choice of Calgary over Toronto surprised many industry observers, but Mr. Mazo explained that server traffic does not necessarily pass through the biggest population center. “Based on our research of major Internet Backbones in Canada and our existing client locations, we see Calgary as a major point for Internet connectivity in Canada,” Mr. Mazo explained. “Calgary is not less important for Internet traffic than, let’s say, Toronto or Vancouver.”

To the best of Dotcom-Monitor’s knowledge, only one other significant web site monitoring service has a Canadian monitoring station, and that is located in Toronto.

“A Toronto monitoring station might be the best ‘marketing choice’ to make sales in the United States and Europe, where Toronto is better known, but we believe we can cover more Canadian backbones in Calgary than if we had chosen Toronto,” Mr. Mazo commented. “Our top concern is serving customers who do business in Canada, and nobody will benefit as much from this choice as Canadian web site owners.”

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