Partners and Integrations

In addition to these integrations our robust API, XML Feed, and custom scripts allow for unlimited integration types with your existing systems.

New Relic

New Relic

Monitor & Boost Web App Performance

Dotcom-Monitor + New Relic

Combine Dotcom-Monitor's world class External Synthetic Monitoring and Managed Cloud-based Load Testing with all of the internal metrics available from New Relic.

dynatrace logo


Automate Performance Management

Dotcom-Monitor + Dynatrace

Monitor and load test infrastructure from the cloud with Dotcom-Monitor's LoadView and Dynatrace integration.



Enterprise Performance Alerts

Dotcom-Monitor + PagerDuty

Make sure the proper teams get the proper alerts around the clock, no matter how complex your systems are or how large your organization.



Share Alerts and Resolve Issues*

Dotcom-Monitor + Slack

Integrate your website monitoring statuses into your live support conversations to simplify your support and troubleshooting tasks.



Manage Support Cases for your Clients*

Dotcom-Monitor + Salesforce

Help your sales team stay up to date with the latest cases involving their customers by automatically adding cases to your salesforce account when Dotcom-Monitor detects a problem.



Get the Most from your Monitoring Data

Dotcom-Monitor + Splunk

Splunk can handle vasts amounts of data from all sorts of logs. Now you can add your Dotcom-Monitor data on top of the rest of your Splunk data to gain even more insight into the health of your organization.



Keep the Servers Running

Dotcom-Monitor + VictorOps

Help your DevOps team manage their incidences as efficiently as possible by integrating your Dotcom-Monitor alerts with VictorOps.



Integrate All the Things!

Dotcom-Monitor + Zapier

Zapier allows you to feed your website monitoring data into any of the systems you already use. Over 500 integrations and growing!



Visualize Website Performance*

Dotcom-Monitor + Geckoboard

Quickly view the status of your Dotcom-Monitor systems along side of all other critical systems within the easy to view Geckoboard dashboards.



Website Status Updates on your Mobile Devices

Dotcom-Monitor + Pushover

Drive the critical alerts and notifications you need to run your business to the mobile devices you use the most.



Update Projects with Monitoring Results

Dotcom-Monitor + Asana

Manage the priority of your projects and tasks with automated alerts when problems are detected by Dotcom-Monitor.



Rest Integration for Incident Management**

Dotcom-Monitor + ServiceNow

Automatically create and manage support instances in ServiceNow with the latest Dotcom-Monitor statuses.

*Learn more about using the Dotcom-Monitor + Zapier integration

**Learn more about using the Dotcom-Monitor Rest API

Featured Partners & Resellers


Dotcom-Monitor + BMC:
Gather all performance metrics in one place to have a true 360 degree view of your web environment.

integrations with bmc


Dotcom-Monitor + Performetriks:
Solve performance engineering & monitoring challenges with the science of data, all in a central location.


Sigma Network Srl

Dotcom-Monitor + Sigma Network Srl:
Face new challenges everyday through the technology expertise of Sigma Network Srl and Dotcom-Monitor.

sigma network srl integration

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partners and integrations

The Dotcom-Monitor platform is a monitoring system that facilitates open, multi-vendor product integrations to improve testing and monitoring effectiveness through automation and operational simplicity.

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