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Dotcom-Monitor Adds Video Streaming Media Monitoring Service

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Plymouth, MN – (12/10/2007) – Dotcom-Monitor, the leader and innovator in advanced website monitoring services, announces real-time video stream functionality monitoring, a new option for its innovative and indispensable website monitoring service.

Dotcom-Monitor, a leading web site monitoring company, announced a new monitoring service today that assists corporations in the video streaming market and increases the stability and effectiveness of their video content services. This video stream monitoring service directly impacts the video streaming market that was worth an estimated $600 million in 2006 as reported by Research and Markets, a market research group based in Ireland. Most companies that provide video on their websites require their streaming content to be available 24/7 to attract visitors, serve advertisements, and provide informational or instructional materials. Competing in the Internet’s world market necessitates the highest quality with minimal interruption of streams. Dotcom-Monitor assists corporations in maintaining an edge over their competition through Quality of Service (QoS) assurance.

Simple and Comprehensive Streaming Media Monitoring

Application of Dotcom-Monitor’s services is nearly effortless. Corporations provide the URL and specifications of their streaming content, and Dotcom-Monitor consistently ascertains its performance. Businesses specify the parameters for notification, such as connection timeout in seconds, acceptable buffering time, and expected bps (bits per second) rate. This information is entered into a sophisticated monitoring system, and then the specified site is monitored from 12 strategically located worldwide stations.

Monitoring Streaming Media Content

Video Streaming Media Monitoring Service
Dotcom-Monitor Streaming Video Monitoring Device Wizard (click to enlarge)

Sites that provide numerous pages of streaming content will benefit most from the addition of real-time video stream functionality to Dotcom-Monitor’s service package. The monitoring service is especially beneficial to sites with a tremendous amount of content that is difficult to monitor. Dotcom-Monitor’s service, however, can make this task seamless. Dotcom-Monitor keeps track of multiple performance metrics, such as Connection time, Buffering Time, Received Packages, Buffering Packages, Frame Rate and Average Bytes per Second. By analyzing those metrics one can determine quality of the service over periods of time and if necessary make needed adjustments.

Entire Suite of Services

Video monitoring is just one facet of the complete services package provided by Dotcom-Monitor. Its success is a direct result of its comprehensive and sophisticated systems and analytical capabilities. Rather than a typical connectivity test, Dotcom-Monitor’s services produce an environment of dependable website QoS, which is a critical component for a successful online business.

Even if a site’s appearance and performance appear to be acceptable from one browser, access may be difficult elsewhere. Dotcom-Monitor uses 12 monitoring stations around the world to ensure that access to a site is not impeded from any location.

By subscribing to Dotcom-Monitors services, corporations can feel confident that their online infrastructure is up and running, no matter where the site is accessed. Corporations that are alerted to problems will use their own resources to solve identified issues, but they will be able to address complications immediately and directly. Extensive reporting in real time, using easy-to-understand graphical charts that describe performance and variations, will offer a further advantage.

Instant Notification

Dotcom-Monitor’s services enable clients to choose not only a preferable means of notification but also the appropriate people in the corporation to alert, notifying them by telephone, pager, or email when there is any degradation of streaming content or any other site issue. Alerts are issued immediately, so that problem solving can commence as quickly as possible. Dotcom-Monitor acts as an insurance policy on the uptime and performance of critical media content, an assurance that most companies cannot afford to go without. Any business that relies on the Internet and must validate QoS and Service Level Agreement requirements can do so easily and inexpensively by implementing the tools offered by Dotcom-Monitor.


About Dotcom-Monitor

Dotcom-Monitor is the leader and innovator in advanced website monitoring and network monitoring services. Since its birth in 1998, Dotcom-Monitor has helped over 3,000 companies save money by ensuring maximum website uptime—at a cost up to 50% less than other services. Dotcom-Monitor watches businesses from the outside by simulating real-world, end-user actions. They ensure that clients are open for business around the world, 24 hours a day. No additional material or hardware is required to use Dotcom-Monitor’s services.

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